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 Objective met in 2017 (in regard to the objective for 2021)


The aim of the transformation project Cultura Justa (Fair Culture) is to create an atmosphere of trust in which all the organization's professionals, especially those who best know the reality in the field, can provide information on events, technical and organizational situations and behaviours that could lead to an incident or accident. The safest organizations are those that can manage information on dysfunctions and use it as a source for improvement.

Cultura Justa is designed to find out about situations in good time, and therefore defines acceptable behaviour, safety initiatives, and unacceptable behaviour. The right to make mistakes is recognized as a source of progress and excellence in operations.

As part of this long-term project, training has already been completed in the first line of the organization: 1,800 training hours for over 270 people. In addition, a team has been created that will develop the core areas of Cultura Justa: policy, processes, and systems.


"We want to attain sustainability in health and safety, with no accidents among staff, collaborators, or subcontractors. It is our challenge, and day by day we work to achieve it."
José María Verdejo, Occupational Health and Safety Manager                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Further information

For more examples and best practices that we develop at SUEZ in Spain in the area of occupational health and safety, see our Sustainable Development Report.