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 Objective met in 2017 (in regard to the objective for 2021)


The Aquae Foundation and ONCE Foundation have a collaboration agreement that promotes integration into the workplace and includes the following actions:

  • The Aquae Foundation provides placements for university students with disabilities as part of the ONCE Foundation-CRUE Spanish Universities grant programme to enhance employability and professional careers.
  • Oportunidades al Talento (Opportunities for Talent): international mobility grants.
  • Creation of a special chapter on water in the animated series of the ONCE Foundation On fologüers, on the occasion of World Toilet Day.
  • Subtitling of all the videos of the Aquae Foundation to promote inclusive communication.


The company's mobility and selection policy considers that in internal selection procedures for management positions at least 50% of candidates shall be women. Regarding external selection, the policy defines that, if two candidates are tied, positive discrimination will be applied in favour of the least represented gender in the position on offer or in favour of candidates with disabilities. Among finalists, and when possible, there will be one person with the least represented gender or one person with a disability.


"Greater presence of women or individuals with disabilities makes us better as an organization. Valuing difference enriches us, because it generates collective intelligence and promotes social justice."
Victòria Eugènia Martínez, Equity Manager                                                                                                                                                                                  

Further information

For more examples and the best practices we develop at SUEZ in Spain in the area of equity and people, see our Sustainable Development Report.