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Objective met in 2017 (in regard to the objective for 2021)


The implementation of various measures to ensure access to water has involved the contribution of over 4.5 million euros in support schemes in the form of social funds and tariffs for people at risk of exclusion. In partnership with local councils, the service owners, and NGOs, we have promoted a number of solutions to maintain this universal right.

We also provide facilities such as postponement and division of payment of bills, selection of payment day, and the opportunity to make payment commitments.


"The promotion of social funds and tariffs, the implementation of measures to increase flexibility of bill payment and to ensure that nobody is left without water because they cannot pay the bills is our contribution to sustainable development."
Miguel Ángel Marhuenda, Customer Manager                                                                                                                                                                      

Further information

For more examples and the best practices we develop at SUEZ in Spain to ensure access to water, see the Sustainable Development Report.