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Objective met in 2017 (in regard to the objective for 2021)  


At the start of 2018, the company invited suppliers to a discussion session on the circular economy, to transmit to them the organization's objectives and commitments on sustainability and responsible procurement, and to find joint formulas to progress in the shift to the circular economy. Participants at the session included strategic suppliers from various sectors, with whom ideas and initiatives were shared from the perspective of the circular economy.


 "SUEZ in Spain has an enormous capacity to drive the market and it is our responsibility to take advantage of this to have an impact on behaviour in our supply chain. We have established as an objective selecting suppliers according to criteria of quality, service, and environmental and social commitments."
Alejando Valera, Purchasing Manager


Further information

For more examples and the best practices we develop at SUEZ in Spain in the area of purchasing, see the Sustainable Development Report.