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 Objective met in 2017 (in regard to the objective for 2021)


La Marjal Park (Alicante) is the first floodable urban park in Spain and an example of how green infrastructure can help cities to adapt to climate change. It was designed and is managed by Aguas de Alicante and can store up to 45,000 m3 of rainwater, to avoid episodes of flooding, which are increasingly common in urban coastal areas.

In 2017, a total of 18,100 m3 of rainwater accumulated in the park, which were sent to the Monte Orgegia wastewater treatment plant, a facility where rainwater and wastewater is reclaimed for subsequent reuse.

La Marjal Park has become a new green area for the city and a refuge for numerous birds.


"To preserve the water resource we promote its reuse. We also work on the losses that occur in the supply network, caused by leaks, fraudulent practices, or the lack of efficiency of meters. Our objective for 2021 is to reduce these losses and continue to promote reuse."
Domingo Martínez, Operations Strategy Manager


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